The Corporate Magician is different

The Corporate Magician is different

The Corporate Magician helps CEOs and MDs break through some of the tough leadership challenges they face, including: conflict, stress, uncertainty, decision-making, strategy and people.


The Corporate Magician is for leaders who feel they have hit a brick wall
a combination of coach, adviser, non-exec, mentor and interim manager

The Corporate Magician helps blocked and stressed businesses get back on track
helping you understand how your style and mindset impact the flow and mood of your organisation

The Corporate Magician inspires real change and life-changing insights
critical friend, sounding board, analyst, thinker and voice of experience to challenge, support and inspire you


When challenges become problems

When challenges become problems

Many of the problems that are endemic in modern organisations have their root causes in the subtleties of human behaviour rather than the simpler world of operations and processes. To deal with them takes a different approach, but whatever the causes, the symptoms look like these:


There’s too much to do and too little time to do it. Everyone’s working at full capacity and has been for ages. There’s no let up and something’s got to give if you carry on. Some people are already at breaking point.


You’ve got some really difficult people to deal with. They perform well when they feel like it, but they cause serious problems with others that are only doing their jobs. If you could just harness their full potential…


The organisation feels rudderless. Directors seem to have different agendas and there is a lack of alignment at senior level. A plan is in place, but now everyone seems to be doing their own thing and it’s not working.


You’re just not making the money you ought to be. Sales are down, profit margins are being eroded and, try as you may, nothing seems to work. If money isn’t a problem yet, it will be. Time is running out.


The Process: Business Renewal and Leadership Revival

From Struggle and Survival to Renewal and Revival

Root Causes

The Corporate Magician starts with the issue, as it presents itself, and then moves inward to the cause. It’s often the case with an organisation that the root of the problem is far removed from the difficulties. A good analogy is that of a soap opera – if you don’t like the story, there’s no point fiddling with the TV – if you want effective, sustainable change, you need to change the script.

Mechanics & Dynamics

A powerful way to think of any organisation is in terms of its mechanics – the operational, practical, tangible stuff that it does – and the dynamics – the behaviours, the culture, the aspirations, the mindsets and all the intangibles that drive the organisation forward… or not. Frequently, problems manifest with the mechanics but the resolutions lie with the dynamics.

Power of Reflection

This works because of the power of reflection. Reflection is a natural, conscious process which allows the mind space to expand its perspective and to clarify its vision. When the situation is seen clearly, the knowledge needed to deal with it follows instantly, and you’re ready to act effectively and sustainably. All you do is defer the urge for solutions – simple but not always easy.




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The Corporate Magician is...

Chris Pearse

Chris Pearse

Chris Pearse







My name is Chris Pearse. I help you, as a leader, deal with challenges that you struggle with on your own. I do this with a broad range of organisations including multinationals, SMEs, non-profits, government and academia.

An engineer by training, I’ve worked globally – leading teams, founding companies, selling, marketing and designing tech products.

When I first advised businesses on ways to improve performance, I observed how the organisation would revert to type once I had done my job. I soon realised that this was because having changed the way people acted, I had not always influenced the way they thought and felt.

So for the past 15 years I have used an integral approach to helping leaders by combining experience of the mechanics of business, with insights into the dynamics of human behaviour. This delivers effective and sustainable change. It works like Magic.

I love what I do and my clients love the outcomes. They become Corporate Magicians too.


“No Problem can be solved at the same level of thinking that created it.”  Albert Einstein

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