1-on-1 Programme

"Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right" - Henry Ford



36 Week Programme

• Transformational 36-week executive coaching programme for leaders seeking radical, personal and business change • No-nonsense, practical focus on replacing stress and struggle with purpose, presence, impact and resilience • 9 x 2hr confidential meetings to get you, your team and your organisation back on track • Focus on personal development in the context of live business challenges •

I coach leaders: chief executives, directors, senior managers and non-executive directors.

I coach with a difference: I don't concern myself with your KPIs and figures. I don't help you squeeze more out of less. Your power, influence or charisma are not my focus.

What I do is to show you how your thinking, conscious and subliminal, creates your reality. I show you how to align your thinking with your purpose to transform yourself from the victim to the architect of your experience.

And I do this by developing your self-awareness: your perception of your inner mental and emotional dynamics, your mindset, your self-limiting beliefs. This is the only effective, sustainable way to get want you want. "Know Thyself" is nothing new.

Developing your self-awareness makes the business of leading others immeasurably easier as you begin to understand their dynamics too, and apply emotional intelligence to relationships and communication.

Stress, struggle, conflict, complexity and uncertainty all become much more manageable when you start to see them for what they really are.

And the numbers that you're judged by can't help but follow suit...


Chances are you've been pretty successful and got to the top of your tree, or close to it. Trouble is, it's not all it's cracked up to be. In fact there are days when you wish it were different... that you were different.

On the surface there are the usual things everyone complains about: stress, conflict, people, too much to do, not enough time, blah blah.

Essentially, instead of you running the show, it's running you.

You may have used an executive coach before, but they didn't quite go where you were hoping.

Because underneath there's a more pernicious feeling that something's not right, out of balance, at odds.

Was life really meant to be such a struggle?

And even though you've achieved plenty, what does it all mean?

If you've read this far you probably know deep down that there is another way, and you're craving to find it.



I show you how to see your inner mental and emotional dynamics - warts and all - and take responsibility for them.
You will likely also find strengths and abilities you don't know you have.


Presence is the ability to be fully present, or mindful, in any circumstance, responding in the most intelligent, intuitive way, bypassing habitual, negative, reactive behaviours. It works.


This isn't about being tough - tough people snap. This is about developing your innate ability to rapidly restore mental and emotional equanimity when you get knocked off balance. And you will.


We all have purpose. Some of us see it more clearly than others. The clearer your purpose, the more powerfully it will attract the resources you need to fulfil it.


Put all of this together and you have what it takes to be and do what you want - what you really want.
And the ability to take others with you.



This process may well be therapeutic, but it's not therapy.
We build your future, not analyse your past.


No NLP, no psychometrics, no neuroscience.
My focus is your subjective mind, not your objective brain.


This work is not formulaic. It runs on curiosity, honesty, vulnerability and a burning desire to be your best. No acronyms.
We find our own way.


New Age Dogma
You won't get other people's truths. You have to find your own.
That's wisdom - anything else is mere knowledge.
If you want that, go and buy some books.


I'm a nice guy and we'll get along fine, but some of the things you discover en route may not be comfortable.
And that's a good thing.



I now feel much more in control of my life, worry a lot less and can properly switch off which I struggled with massively before. - CEO

Chris produced results which I wouldn't have thought possible. I would not hesitate in recommending him. - CEO

Having worked with Chris I can assure anyone considering doing the same that they would find the experience positive, engaging and very much worthwhile. - HR Director

His understanding of human motivation has frequently generated unexpected insights. - University Professor

The results were great and the experience enjoyable and rewarding. - MD

Chris is an extremely personable executive coach whose relaxed approach belies an ability to get to the very heart of the issue at hand. - Director

Chris has excellent insight into people and business dynamics, is able to get up to speed quickly, and is smart, experienced and effective. - Chairman

His professional and personable approach, ability to tease out the pertinent issues, and business insight were fundamental to the positive outcomes achieved. - GM

I wanted to extend my warmest thanks to you for a job incredibly well done. - CEO



You're interested, possibly intrigued, but not sure. So what next?

We meet, in London, over coffee, for an hour or so.

You and I - there are two of us in this relationship - decide and commit.

Then we meet regularly over a period of 6 to 12 months, face-to-face and by phone to work together. Then we stop.

Some executive coaches work for years with their clients, cultivating dependency.

I work to make you independent.


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