Leadership Workshops

Corporate Magician Leadership workshops are different. We focus on your inner dynamics - the mindset, the belief systems, the cognitive biases and the values that shape what you say and do: your behaviour. Developing Self-Awareness in this way is the key to Leadership - knowing yourself and seeing your emotional and cognitive processes in the moment begins to free you from the self-limiting beliefs and reactive behaviours that impede your progress both consciously and sub-consciously.


Crucially, Self-Awareness also helps us understand others and the dynamics behind their behaviours. Clearly, this kind of knowledge can transform the way individuals, teams and organisations work, to the benefit of all stakeholders.


Self-Awareness impacts on a range of topical issues and our workshops reflect that by offering a number of practical contexts. The common thread running through all the workshops is that of Self - how your thinking influences the world around you and your experience of it. Workshops are therefore experiential, practical and interactive.

LD 50


What Leadership is, why it is critical to healthy, successful teams and organisations, and how to embody it. Group activities inform, develop and challenge in an engaging and energetic day exploring:

  • Communication and influencing skills
  • How to coach your reports
  • How to design and run effective meetings
  • Mitigating stress for you and your team
  • Managing reactive behaviour and conflict
SA 50


Our Self-Awareness for Leaders workshop explores your inner emotional and cognitive dynamics to access a greater choice of responses to complex, stressful and uncertain leadership situations.

  • Identify self-limiting beliefs
  • Manage reactive behaviours
  • Develop emotional intelligence and resilience
  • Access your intuition and presence
  • Clarify complexity for better decision-making
ST 50


Strategic Thinking for Leaders explores the fundamentals of strategic thinking and those elements that support or inhibit successful strategies, including the values and culture of the organisation.

  • Explore how and why Strategies fail
  • Use divergent and convergent thinking
  • Use Metaphor in Strategic Thinking
  • Design and run effective Strategy meetings
  • Maximise creativity and engagement
FAC 50


Our Facilitation for Leaders workshop introduces approaches and techniques from the world of facilitation which can transform meetings of every hue from informal catch-ups to board and strategy meetings.

  • Design and run better meetings
  • Manage conflict and dissent
  • Learn Open Space facilitation
  • Develop influencing skills
  • Understand meeting dynamics
EI 50


The Emotional Intelligence for Leaders workshop explores how emotions and feelings impact on our decisions, our relationships, our behaviour and ultimately our mental and physical health and wellbeing.

  • Learn how to manage emotions
  • Use feeling to promote intuition
  • Why decisions are feeling-based
  • Establish EI in your life
  • What EI is not - debunking the myths
M&M 50


Mindfulness and Meditation are increasingly popular antidotes to our intense working lives. But the myths that surround them need to be dispelled for them to be effective. This workshop explores what they really are and how to practice them.

  • Get clear on exactly what mindfulness is, and what it isn’t
  • Learn why and how it works
  • Discover which practice is best for you
  • Mitigate stress, fear, anger and conflict
  • Establish resilience to uncertainty and ambiguity

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